What is the difference between a short or a long stay in Stockholm?

If you haven’t decided to travel to Stockholm yet, you should consider it.
Stockholm is a beautiful city and the capital of Sweden.
There is more to discover that you could imagine and instead for a short weekend old town, Stockholm you should rent an apartment and stay for a little longer.

If you are going to work in Stockholm then apartments Vasastan is a better choice than a hotel or hostel.
Just to pick some options you have when visiting Stockholm you should keep on reading.

Sweden take pride in their mighty oaks and many of them are ancient, dying and twisted. The reason why the oaks isn’t cut down is because of an ancient law that forbids cutting down oaks.
The reason of the law was because of the value of shipbuilding properties, the oaks were considered to be the property of the crown.

A King who reigned between 1697 and 1718 had a special favorite tree, because of that is the trunk preserved, but the branches have been removed because of the tree is dead.
The tree is in Karlberg park beside the Karlberg castle that was built 1630.

If you are bored in your long stay in Stockholm you could visit the home and apartment of Astrid Lindgren, she was one of Sweden’s most famous authors.
She wrote over thirty children’s books and are known for creating Pippi Longstocking, a book that is translated into more than 75 languages.
The apartment was her home to her death in 2002. the home is preserved by the family as a museum in the same state it was in before her death.

Astrid worked as a journalist and secretary before becoming an author. Lots of tourist takes photos at the facade outside not knowing that it is possible to book a trip inside.